IoT Analytics

Necto Telecom Enabling the Smart World Revolution

The Smart World revolution is a 0.5T$ opportunity: Smart Homes, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Health, Smart Industry. Telecom providers, as the enablers of connectivity, have the power to revolutionize the industry and lead the Smart World Revolution.

The Smart World will generate massive amounts of data and customers will require more advanced technology to enhance their experience, based on their growing needs and demands. Necto Telecom’s IoT use cases will turn your data into gold by giving you actionable insights to monetize your IoT data, all while reaching operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Discover new revenue streams

Capitalize on infrastruc-ture

Provide tailored consumer apps

Create unique customer experiences

Reduce Churn & increase LTV

Feed your own IoT solutions with AI data analytics

Reduce costs by making smart networks