Rocking the Telecom world in Barcelona, Day and Night

‘These are the nights that never die’ - View on Amdocs – Panorama partnership in MWC, February 25-28, 2019, Barcelona.

As the fabulous song by Avicii says, it is indeed “the nights you will remember”; but the days of MWC were full of interesting things as well.

This year MWC featured the coolest innovations from leading tech companies. IoT, 5G, and AI became more than just buzzwords and are now meaningful enablers within the telecom environment.

Amdocs launched a new look at the event, introducing a new extraordinary booth where they hosted many leading telecom companies and partners creating new opportunities for this upcoming year.

The days of 5G

5G is a game changer that will change the way we experience the network and communications. We saw one of its amazing capabilities in use at MWC by Dr. Anotnio de Lacy, Head of Gastrointestinal Surgery at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. Using a 5G connection that was provided by Vodafone Spain, Dr. de Lacy directed a live surgery that was performed at the hospital. This is just one of the amazing things that can be accomplished using 5G, and as Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins said, “5G is going to be like no other phase we’ve ever seen. This is the one technology which looks like the hype is going to be reflected in the reality.”

Amdocs, as the market leader, presented its new 5G demo with five key advantages for their customers, or as Yogan Patel, Head of Network Marketing at Amdocs, calls it in his video ‘five-for-five.’ Amdocs offers its customers a fast and efficient deployment of 5G networks with different solutions for every need, so they can run and automate intelligence driven smart operations.

The days of IoT

In this year’s Mobile World Congress we saw a huge variety of products that will steal the hearts of customers and will be part of every household in the world. By 2025 we are expected to witness over 25 billion connected devices. This year Panorama officially launched a new IoT analytics solution, which is part of the complete “out of the box” data analytics solution for communication service providers, helping them transform their IoT, Network, BSS and OSS data into actionable insights. Panorama’s solution is fully integrated with all Amdocs systems.

As the owners of the network, communications, and subscribers, communication service providers are able to harness the massive amounts of data generated. But they have a challenge, as they are not ready to deal with all of this data and make sense of it. Panorama helps CSPs make sense of their data by analyzing IoT data and correlating it with business data to drive higher ARPU, LTV, and retention.

Looking forward to 2020, CSPs will have to work with the top vendors and analytical solutions to complete their digital transformation and become catalysts for the expansion of IoT.  They will not be able to work manually with each of these manufacturers. A multi-partner, multi-device approach that is well integrated with all business system platforms is required. As Gil Rosen, President and GM at Amdocs wrote in his blog “CSPs have to act now before IoT makes its breakthrough. Otherwise, they risk a disjointed customer experience and losing out on crucial monetization opportunities. For the early movers though, the IoT opportunity really will be life-changing.”

Amdocs & Panorama’s IoT use cases will help CSPs become enablers of the Smart World Revolution, the biggest technology breakthrough of the century.

The nights of MWC

Amdocs also rocked Barcelona at night and showed us all what a party should look like. Amdocs hosted an opening gala for its customers and partners, with delicious food and drink, a DJ that kept us all dancing into the night, a saxophone player, and to top it all they brought Israel’s Eurovision winner Netta Barzilai. With her electrifying talent, Netta gave us one of her best shows.

We are proud to be part of such a successful partnership and look forward to rocking MWC 2020 together with Amdocs.