Launch of Necto Telecom on Microsoft Azure


February 25th, 2019—Panorama Launches Necto Telecom on Microsoft Azure to Enable CSPs to Achieve Digital Transformation Through Advanced Analytics on the Cloud

Panorama launched their world-leading telecom analytics solution, Necto Telecom, at the Microsoft Azure Marketplace during the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Thanks to this integration, users can enjoy the benefits of advanced telecom analytics together with the benefits of the Cloud, such as deploying a solution in seconds and scaling out as needs grow. Necto Telecom is a world-leading data analytics solution for telecom providers that transforms BSS & OSS data into actionable business insights.

Panorama has been a leader in Business Intelligence and data analytics for many years. They developed and sold their Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology to Microsoft, which later became SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and integrated into the SQL Server platform. This acquisition was the foundation for a long-standing relationship between Panorama and Microsoft, which has continued over many years of innovation and collaboration. Panorama has a vast experience using Microsoft technologies to build innovative, customer-focused analytical products. Panorama’s solutions connect to Microsoft technology in a native way, making it easy for Microsoft users to enjoy a seamless deployment.

The launch of Necto Telecom by Panorama fully running on Azure will allow CSPs to obtain business insights from their data, while continuing their journey to the Cloud. Last year, Panorama launched a new division called Necto Telecom to serve the telecommunications and media industry, which Panorama believes is the catalyst to the world’s digital transformation. Necto Telecom is a world-leading data analytics solution specifically developed for communications and media service providers. It delivers out-of-the-box reports, dashboards, visualizations, and modern self-service analytics. Pre-integrated with leading OSS, BSS, Network & IoT solutions, Necto Telecom transforms OSS and BSS data into actionable business insights. Necto Telecom is successfully deployed at multiple telecom carriers, worldwide, allowing them to optimize cross-company processes such as Concept to Market Acceleration, Lead to Cash Optimization, Problem to Resolution Expedition, and Customer Lifetime Value Improvement.

This year Panorama added new deep learning capabilities to Necto Telecom. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Necto Telecom automates the predictive analytics process and modernizes telecom analytics with predictive deep learning. CSPs can make insight driven decisions and predict the behaviors of their customers and subscribers, predicting churn and pinpointing their next best offer. Now, thanks to the collaboration with Microsoft, CSPs can enjoy advanced telecom analytics fully running on Microsoft Azure.

Users can deploy a fully functioning solution in seconds, showing ROI quickly, rather than going through lengthy and costly managed services. Azure’s extensive data services, such as Azure SQL Database and Azure Analysis Services allow a seamless connection to data –whether on-prem or in the cloud– and are provisioned just-in-time, making deploying Necto Telecom on Azure highly dynamic and cost effective. Panorama’s top executives will be officially presenting Necto Telecom running on Azure at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year.

About Panorama
A known visionary and thought leader, Panorama Software is a leader in Business Intelligence and data analytics. They invented and sold the OLAP BI technology to Microsoft, pioneered the MDX querying language and continued to lead the industry though innovation, serving thousands of customers and partnering with top players like Google, NCR, Airbus, Amdocs and Microsoft to deliver pre-packaged analytics to the industry. Panorama Software received last year an award given by BDO, after surveying hundreds of CIOs and CTOs. Panorama won #1 in the Business Intelligence category for overall customer satisfaction, product stability, integrity, ease of use, and UI/UX. Panorama also received the “Best Innovation Partner” award given by Amdocs. Last year, Panorama launched their new division for Telecommunications, Necto Telecom, now fully running on Microsoft Azure.