Launch of Necto Telecom IoT


February 26th, 2019— Panorama’s Necto Telecom Empowers Telecoms as the Enablers of the Smart World Revolution

Panorama is announcing the launch of Necto Telecom during the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Necto Telecom is a world-leading data analytics solution for communications and media service providers, helping them transform their IoT, Network, BSS and OSS data into actionable insights. Multiple telecom carriers worldwide use Necto Telecom’s IoT insights to become the enablers of the Smart World.

A known visionary and thought leader, Panorama is a market leader in Business Intelligence and data analytics solutions. Panorama identified a substantial need for data analytics tailored for telecom providers and created their new offering, Necto Telecom. The biggest revolution in the 21st Century is ahead of us. The Smart World Revolution is a 0.5T$ opportunity and is all around us. There are Smart Homes, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Manufacturing, and even Smart Health. Telecom providers, as the enablers of connectivity, have the power to capitalize and conquer this opportunity. As the owners of the network, communications, and subscribers, telecoms harness the massive amounts of data that are generated. But they have a challenge, as they are not ready to deal with so much data and make sense of it. Panorama’s Necto Telecom helps telecoms make sense of their data by analyzing IoT data and correlating it with business data in order to drive higher ARPU, LTV and retention.

Necto Telecom is the world-leading data analytics solution specifically developed for communications and media service providers. It provides out-of-the-box reports, dashboards, visualizations, and modern self-service analytics. It is pre-integrated with leading IoT, OSS, BSS, & Network solutions. Necto Telecom’s IoT use cases turn data into gold, by providing actionable business insights to monetize IoT data, all while reaching operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Telecommunication service providers can use Necto Telecom to discover new revenue streams, capitalize on infrastructure, reduce costs by making smart networks, provide tailored consumer apps, create unique customer experiences, reduce churn and increase lifetime value, and feed their own IoT solutions with AI data analytics.

Top executives from Panorama will be launching Necto Telecom officially at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. “With 5G technology as an enabler and the Smart World opportunity standing in front of us, telecoms stand a major chance to conquer the industry, and create massive growth for their stake holders. We believe that Necto Telecom by Panorama is a catalyst for the IoT revolution.” –Eynav Azarya, CEO at Panorama.

About Panorama:

Panorama is a leader in Business Intelligence and data analytics. They invented and sold the OLAP BI technology to Microsoft, pioneered the MDX querying language and continued to lead the industry though innovation, serving thousands of customers and partnering with top players like Google, NCR, Airbus, Amdocs and Microsoft to deliver pre-packaged analytics to the industry. Panorama Software received an award given by BDO, after surveying hundreds of CIOs and CTOs. Panorama won #1 in the Business Intelligence category for overall customer satisfaction, product stability, integrity, ease of use, and UI/UX. Panorama also received the “Best Innovation Partner” award given by Amdocs. This year Panorama is officially launching their new division for Telecommunications, Necto Telecom.