A Peak into the New Digital World in MWC

Many new, innovative and exciting products were launched at this year’s MWC in Barcelona. We saw incredible new developments looking forward to 2020, such as Huawei’s Mate X, which stole the show from Samsung’s new folding Galaxy. But the main buzzwords that we heard were 5G, AI and IoT. These technologies will be the enablers for all the other cool products and most importantly, for the Smart World.

AI- a big part of our life

Eynav (Navi) Azarya, CEO, and Raphael Sanker, VP Sales, at the Panorama booth

AI is already a big part in our life with products like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and more, this past year there is also no industry that hasn’t been touched by AI. The benefits include an ability to analyze huge amounts of data, looking for discrepancies and trends, and providing insights in a very short time frame. Necto Telecom automates the entire predictive analytics process and modernizes telecom analytics with deep predictive learning. By emulating the tasks of expert data scientists, Necto Telecom allows you to join the deep learning (AI) revolution and stay ahead of your competition with predictive insights that reduce churn and pinpoint your next best offer.

This year in MWC we learned that telecom analytics is a 4B$ market, and has 29% yearly growth. CSP’s how will invest in their data analytics strategy will have the upper hand on managing their data once 5G will launch. We will see many more users, and devices connected, and therefore more data will flow. A smart managing of that data will ensure better success. 

IoT- MWC featured a peek into the future

The internet of things (IoT) is growing exponentially. In this year’s Mobile World Congress we saw a vast variety of products that will conquer the hearts of customers and will be part of every household in the world. By 2025 we are expected to witnesses over 25 billion connected devices.

This year Panorama officially launched Necto Telecom IoT, our world-leading data analytics solution for communications and media service providers, helping them transform their IoT, Network, BSS and OSS data into actionable insights. Multiple telecom carriers worldwide use Necto Telecom’s IoT insights to become the enablers of the Smart World, by analyzing and monetizing their IoT data.

As the owners of the network, communications, and subscribers, telecoms harness the massive amounts of data generated. But they have a challenge, as they are not ready to deal with so much data and make sense of it. Panorama’s Necto Telecom helps CSP’s make sense of their data by analyzing IoT data and correlating it with business data to drive higher ARPU, LTV, and retention.

Looking forward to 2020, CSP’s will have to work with the top vendors and analytical solutions to complete their digital transformation and become catalysts for the expansion of IoT.  Telecoms will not be able to work manually with each of these manufacturers. A multi-partner, multi-device approach that is well integrated with all business system platforms is required. As Gil Rosen, president and GM at Amdocs wrote on his blog “CSPs have to act now before IoT makes its breakthrough. Otherwise, they risk a disjointed customer experience and losing out on crucial monetization opportunities. For the early movers though, the IoT opportunity really will be life-changing.”

Necto Telecom’s IoT use cases will help CSPs become enablers of the Smart World Revolution, the biggest technology breakthrough of the century.

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